Friday, 27 September 2013

Making The TamilNadu Government Laptop Perfect...(Lenovo)

* How to make the government laptop awesome...!

1)Formatting the Whole Laptop

 The Government laptop has an Ugly splash Screen is totally annoying So first changing the splash screen  If it's necessary for you...Follow one of the above Guides,I stated in the other post

So now formatting....

Step 1 : Before that we need to backup the drivers Stored in C Drive.
Step 2 : Download Windows 8.1 From the Microsoft Website.
Step 3 :After Downloading Copy the contents of the Iso file to an Pendrive.
Step 4 :Flashing the Whole Laptop and Installing Windows 8.1.
Step 5 :Downloading and installing The splash Screen Insyde..Dont install it more than once.
Step 6 :Buying Bluetooth & Wifi Adapters Which cost around 500.., Netgrear is the Best WIFI Adapter at               low gets signal from long range available in Flipkart


* Installing a another 4Gb Ram..As the Laptop is too Slow
* External DVD
* Cooling Fan...Warning(Please Buy this one as most of the government laptops has gone in flames due to overheating....

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